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Dennis Irons


Charged our credit card for a tour and it was not scheduled. Our phone calls went unanswered the following day. Buyer beware!!

Martha Guerrero

Definitely Take this Tour!

My two kids and I went on this tour over our holiday in December and had a fabulous time. We were picked in from Beaches Resort and stopped off and viewed the giant map of the Turks and Caicos and did some shopping. We then headed to the Junkanoo museum, the Hole, Blue Mountain, Cheshire Hall Plantation, and then had lunch at Omar's Beach Hut (which was delicious local cuisine). Afterwards, we headed to the Turks Brewery, were we tried different beers brewed specifically for the tour. The tour operator is the owner as well, lives on the island, and is very knowledgeable and personable. It is a very fun tour, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to learn more about the island in an entertaining way!


Amazing tour!

We loved this tour. We were picked up in Salt Mills Plaza. We went to Ports of Call and saw the huge map of Turks and Caicos and did some shopping. Then we went to "The Hole," the Cheshire Hall tour, the Junkanoo museum, Bugaloo's for lunch, the Turks Head Brewery tour, and Blue Mountain. It was an incredible way to see the island. We were so glad we booked this tour and CJ was great!


Bus Tour

“We did the Historic Turks Caicos Tour this time. We usually do the Kitty Kat, but wanted to see more of the island. It was wonderful - a tad longer than we usually like (9:30AM-2:45PM), but informative and enjoyable. Being from south Louisiana, my kids and I enjoyed learning about Cheshire Hall (old cotton plantation) and the Junkanoo history at the Junkanoo Museum. So many influences on south Louisiana culture. We all enjoyed it very much. Another highlight was lunch at Omar’s and a pint at Turks Head Brewery! All in all, it was nice to get off property and see more of the island. Our tour guide, CJ was awesome!”


Perfect Tour!

I had the best time on a tour in my long life of travel! The van was spotless, the owner/driver Avi was super knowledgable, very personable, and made all of the group feel like we were family or certainly special friends! Very professional tour and I highly recommend anyone traveling to TCI—Turks and Caicos Islands—to Get to Know Provo!!!

Half Day Shared Tour in Provo

Half Day Shared Tour in Provo

Whilst we understand that many visitors come to the islands to enjoy our sandy beaches and beautiful turquoise waters. GET TO KNOW PROVO allows visitors to truly appreciate ALL that the island has to offer; it's history, culture and cuisine. Our Daytime time tours are customized to deliver fun and adventure whilst educating our customers on the history and culture of this beautiful island. From exploring the hidden wonders of the hole through the cave system, to touring the Turks Head Brewery, visiting Omar's Beach Hut and getting a front seat view of TCI's history by touring Cheshire Hall. Provo isn't just about sandy toes, it's A LOT of things. It's adventure, It's culture, it's delectable cuisine. Let us help you truly GET TO KNOW PROVO!

Karen Campbell

Most fun ever on a tour!

Most fun ever on a tour! Owner/driver is knowledgeable, very pleasant, and makes each ‘tourist’ feel welcome! Go to TCI-Turks and Caicos Islands—and Get to Know Provo!!!!

Wanderlust I

Don't hesitate!! This is no boring tour!! Very fun and interactive

I loved the warm and friendly reception from the driver, he was knowledgeable, fun and interactive. There was games and prizes on the bus which made the tour even more fun. The stops were a great value because if booked separately, they would have cost much more. Definitely a must!!!

Monique C Cody

Absolutely Fantastic

Without doubt one of my favorite Counties, Turks and Caicos island, Providenciale Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by Avi Adams the owner of Get To Know Provo tours, our names were mentioned on board the bus and we felt welcomed and with such a friendly atmosphere we had a fantastic start! The bus is extremely clean the very cautious of COVID-19 so they had hand sanitizer up and ready! The guide and tour was extremely good, very flexible (appreciate this!) and for that he deserves a special thanks. We had two great days there, which obviously also added up to the experience. Avi has such a warm personality and highly motivated guide (recommendable!). I truly enjoyed walking the six of us through the area of Provo. The scenery was beautiful and it was a relieve to walk in such a quiet and peaceful environment. The natural beauty of the island at the end was a great way to end the tour. The atmosphere is so special that it really felt like home to all of us. All respect to Avi Adams who does a great job there; a true sample of excellent tour guide! Many thanks again and I recommend Get to know Provo to everyone!


More than just beaches

I recently visited Provo and was happy my group chose to take this tour and get to know more about the T&C islands and their culture. As a local who also spent many years in the states, Avi was as good of a guide as we could have asked for. I'm someone who always likes to learn about the places I visit and this tour fulfilled that and more. I had one of the best meals of my vacation at Omars and greatly appreciated the enthusiasm we could feel on the Junkanoo stop.

The Scott Family

TCI 4 Hour Island Tour

Absolutely outstanding tour with our guide, Avi! He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and made this trip incredibly enjoyable. We highly recommend this tour as it does provide you with a good overview of the island and interesting history! Thanks again!

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